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Mayor Joel Villarreal Delivers State of the City Address

Mayor Joel Villarreal delivered his State of the City address on March 28, 2019 at City Hall. In his address, Mayor Villarreal focused on the abundant opportunities present in Rio Grande City that enable so many to achieve success.

“The American Dream is alive and well in Rio Grande City. The cost of living is low, the

unemployment rate is declining, our business community is thriving and our medical community is expanding and growing,” said Mayor Joel Villarreal in his remarks.

Mayor Villarreal discussed the city’s accomplishments over the past year working to expand a strong, healthy and thriving Rio Grande City including:

• Commercial and residential improvements totaling over 18 million dollars,

• A 1.7 million dollar lift station project upgrade,

• And Public Works continuous efforts in maintaining and improving the city’s drainage


He also spoke about Rio Grande City’s steady property tax rate and the sales tax revenue which saw a 9.28% increase for 2018.

Mayor Villarreal highlighted various city departments such as the Rio Grande City Public Library, Kelsey Bass Museum and Event Center, RGC TV, RGC Parks & Recreation and the RGC Boys & Girls Club for the promotion and advocacy of their educational programs for the community.

Rio Grande City is open for business. Mayor Villarreal stressed the importance businesses have on the growth and prosperity of the city. The Rio Grande City EDC, RGC Public Library and the newly formed Greater Rio Grande City Chamber of Commerce continue to work towards supporting new and existing business with resources to help facilitate growth as they continue to flourish in Rio Grande City.

For more information about Rio Grande City and the State of the City presentation, visit RGC TV at, visit or call (956) 487-0672.



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