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Rep. Cuellar announces $2.5 million federal earmark for Rio Grande City

U.S. congressman Henry Cuellar announced a $2.5 million federal earmark to improve water pipes and restore water pressure on the east side of Rio Grande City. The Congressman also announced $121 million in transportation funding for Starr County.

The East Water Loop project will address the city's critical need to maintain adequate water pressure for economic development, public health and public safety-especially fire safety.

The $121 million in transportation funding includes two highway projects that will be developed or undergo construction over the next 10 years. Funds are authorized through the Texas Department of Transportation's 2023 Unified Transportation Program, which is the state's 10-year plan to guide the development of transportation work across the state.

"Investment in critical infrastructure is absolutely essential to a municipality's future growth and prosperity. Rio Grande City continues to invest in infrastructure to sustain and support any and all future developments," said Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal.

"This federal earmark underscores the importance of safety resources needed in our community. The funding will support vital water supply infrastructure to support our fire fighters responding to emergencies. When firefighters don't have the resources they need to do their jobs, it puts the safety and prosperity of our entire community at risk. That is why I have been dedicated to securing federal funding for community projects,: said Congressman Cuellar, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. "The transportation investment also reflects how much Starr County has grown and the potential it has to continue to do so. I am proud to have helped pass the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which has led to increases in transportation funding. I would like to thank County Judge Eloy Vera and Mayor Joel Villarreal for their continued support to improve the health, safety and security of our community."


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