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DCM Nutrition & Pharma Celebrates Grand Opening

DCM Nutrition & Pharma Grand Opening

The Rio Grande City EDC congratulates DCM Nutrition & Pharma on their grand opening held on Tuesday, September 26th.

“This October marks one year since we opened in Rio Grande City with hopes of expanding and continuing to serve the community. We’d like to thank Sara Cantu, Juany Portilla, Alberto Perez and everyone for coming out and supporting us,” said Gerardo Delgado Rubio, M.V.Z., owner of DCM Nutrition & Pharma.

Gerardo Delgado Rubio, M.V.Z., owner of DCM Nutrition & Pharma

This past May, DCM Nutrition & Pharma celebrated their first import of livestock nutritional supplements into Texas since settling a location in Rio Grande City and is one of the latest businesses to use Ruta 54, an expressway connecting Monterrey, Mexico to the United States ports of entries in Rio Grande City and Roma.

“On behalf of Mayor Villarreal, City Commissioners and the Rio Grande City EDC Board of Directors, we welcome you to Rio Grande City. We are here to offer support and wish you much success,” said Alberto Perez, RGC City Manager.

Founded in 2009, DCM Nutrition & Pharma is a distribution company of veterinary pharmaceuticals, which produces hormone-free and chemical-free animal supplements.

DCM Nutrition & Pharma Rio Grande City office is located at 204 E. 2ndStreet. For more information, call (956) 263-1449 or visit

For more information about the Rio Grande City EDC, call (956) 487-3476 or visit



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