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Give Your Community the Gift of Buying Local

Who says gifts need to be purchased at a mall or online? Aren’t locally made items more unique and local sales more beneficial to our economy?

This year, we invite everyone to “think outside the box” and look to purchase goods and services here within our community. Doesn’t just about everyone need a haircut? Why not give a gift certificate to a local hair salon? And wouldn’t a gym membership be a great gift for a friend or family member?

Here are just a few other gift ideas that can be bought right here in Rio Grande City:

• Oil change

• Hand-made jewelry

• Computer repair/tune-up

• Breakfast, lunch or dinner at a restaurant

• New thermostat (to save on heating/air costs)

• Tax preparation service

• Painting a room or building a dream outdoors deck

• A bouquet of flowers

• Music lessons

• Martial art classes

• Custom printed gifts from a local print shop

• Manicure and pedicure

• Home furnishings

• Lawn décor

• Office supplies

• Arts & crafts supplies

• Wine & liquor gifts

• Clothing boutiques

• Truck accessories

• Window tinting

• Pet grooming

Shop local this holiday season and see what Rio Grande City has to offer.



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