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Rio Grande City Main Street hosts celebration dinner at distinguished law office

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Rio Grande City Main Street hosted its annual Historic Preservation Dinner at the distinguished Law Offices of Calixtro Villarreal.

In the spirit of Historic Preservation Month, the dinner pays homage to all property and business owners in our historic downtown district. It is a time dedicated to expressing deep gratitude for their unwavering dedication to conserving our city’s history, architecture, and landscape, and preserving the legacy businesses that encapsulate our rich heritage and vibrant culture.

The elegantly decorated venue provided a fitting backdrop, as attendees gathered amid beautifully restored walls, emanating tales from yesteryears, the atmosphere was filled with reverence and appreciation.

During the event, Mr. Villarreal described the discovery of 3-foot adobe-style walls predating the founding of the city and the process of renovating and restoring the interior wall of his building. This year, Yandery de la Cruz, Rio Grande City Main Street Coordinator, presented Mr. Villarreal with a small token of appreciation honoring his outstanding commitment to preserving Rio Grande City’s historic resources.

It was also announced that the Rio Grande City Main Street received its National Accreditation Main Street Program; its 8th consecutive year.

“I’m even prouder to announce that our Rio Grande City Main Street is designated once again as a Nationally Accredited Main Street Program. This marks our 8th consecutive year, “said Yandery de la Cruz, RGC Main Street Coordinator. “Rio Grande City is one of two nationally accredited programs in the Rio Grande Valley; Harlingen being the other, and we take great pride in this distinction.”

The Rio Grande City Main Street and Rio Grande City Main Street Advisory Board extend their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the event and encourage everyone to actively participate in historic preservation.


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