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Rio Grande City Nominees Inducted into Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame

Rio Grande City citizens Ms. Norma Fultz and Juan J. and Maria del Carmen Caro were inducted into the 2019 Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

Ms. Fultz and Mr. and Mrs. Caro received the honor for their life achievements and significant civic contributions to Rio Grande City, the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas.

“We are grateful for the enduring efforts and contributions Ms. Norma Fultz and Mr. and Mrs. Caro have made for the community of Rio Grande City,” said Mayor Joel Villarreal. “We extend our warmest congratulations to them for receiving this distinguished honor.”

The City of Rio Grande City selected to honor Ms. Norma Fultz, Library Director for the Rio Grande City Public Library. Ms. Fultz has been a champion for the RGC Public Library and has been referred to as a ‘trailblazer’ and ‘rockstar’ by Web Junction, an online resource for library professionals. Ms. Fultz has worked diligently to expand the library’s book collection to include a vast inventory of digital publications and has partnered with Workforce Solutions to provide jobseekers a place to explore job opportunities and with the UTRGV Small Business Development Center to host business lectures for small business and entrepreneurs at the library. She has also integrated monthly craft programs, family game nights and a summer reading program encouraging accelerated reading among the city’s youth all geared to expanding use of the public library among Rio Grande City residents.

Ms. Fultz’s work and advocacy has allowed the Rio Grande City Public Library to continuously expand its services and provide city residents of all ages a place to read, learn and make new friends in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Rio Grande City Greater Chamber of Commerce chose to honor Juan J. and Maria del Carmen Caro, owners of the legendary restaurant, known by locals and visitors alike as Caro’s. Mr. and Mrs. Caro are recognized for their enduring work ethic and dedication to the community. The Caros have placed Rio Grande City on the map for culinary quests to try the distinctly puffy taco shells that only a few places in Texas are known to offer. Their unique recipe draws visitors from around the Rio Grande Valley and Texas to Rio Grande City for a taco and plenty of history. The Caros have also contributed significantly to their community’s academic and athletic programs, Catholic church and the arts. Mr. Caro’s artwork adorns the walls of the family restaurant and Immaculate Conception Church.

The impact Mr. and Mrs. Caro have had on the City of Rio Grande City is great. They have inspired local entrepreneurs to follow their dreams to own a business. They have led by example and given back to the community that has helped them succeed in their endeavor. With his wife by his side, Mr. Caro established a legacy through quality food, good service and welcoming all who dined at Caro’s like family. Sadly, Mr. Caro passed away in 2007; however, Mrs. Caro and her children continue the legacy and in 2019, Caro’s celebrates 80 years of business.

Rio Grande City proudly congratulates Ms. Fultz and Mr. and Mrs. Caro for their extraordinary accomplishments.



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