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Rio Grande City Set to Host Next Ruta 54 Initiative

Rio Grande City is set to host the 6th Ruta 54 (Route 54) Initiative in late September. Local representatives from Starr County and Tamaulipas, Mexico met on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, to begin planning the bi-national meeting. The initiative was created by a coalition of international government officials and businesses to promote commercial and tourism traffic of the route in Mexico.

The route provides the shortest distance from Monterrey to the United States. The proximity of Rio Grande City to the route and the newly finished FM 755 re-alignment roadway contributes to the mobility of people and goods between the two countries and increases economic vitality to the region.

“As the city continues to grow, we are looking to promote Rio Grande City as the focal point of the region,” said Alberto Perez, City Manager, City of Rio Grande City.

Another advantage Rio Grande City offers is the Unified Cargo Processing program implemented last October at the Rio Grande City Port of Entry. The first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley, the partnership between Customs and Border Protection and Mexican custom officers to jointly inspect cargo, reduces wait times in the port of entry and ensures efficient transporting of safe and secure commerce.


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