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Rio Grande City Commission Approves Proposed Tax Rate

There will be no change in the 2017-2018 property tax rate for Rio Grande City.

During a special meeting on August 16, the Rio Grande City Commission approved the proposed property tax rate of 0.497579 per $100.00 of valuation, a rate they reduced by two cents in 2016. Homeowners; however, will still see a rise in property tax payments due to increased property values set by the county appraisal district. The increased property values will provide the City of Rio Grande City a $2.4 million dollar tax levy.

“While the city continues to grow, so will the demand for services,” said Alberto Perez, Rio

Grande City Manager. “We’re streamlining processes in order to maintain and improve the

expected levels of service while keeping the current tax rate. In addition, our Rio Grande City EDC and the Starr County Industrial Foundation are focused on commercial developments to attract new businesses which in turn will create jobs and increase the city’s sales tax base, thus avoid burdening taxpayers with a property tax increase.”

Essential services to residents such as public safety, fire protection and public utilities will not be affected by the proposed tax rate.



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