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First Wendy’s in Rio Grande City Applies for Building Permit

Wendy’s applied for a building permit with the Rio Grande City Planning

Department at approximately 4 P.M on Tuesday afternoon, February 15th. The

property is located in Rio Grande Village, on U.S. Highway Business 83 near FM 755.

The official address will be 4559 E. U.S. Hwy 83, Rio Grande City, TX 78582.

Public relations specialist, Angelina Villarreal adds that, “this expansion in our hub of

development will neighbor Panda Express, right along Rattler Drive.”

According to Gilbert Millan, Rio Grande City Planning Director, the building permit

applied for has a total square footage of “2,608 square feet with an approximate

valuation of improvements of $800,000.00.” The Ohio-based restaurant chain has

already begun preparations to break ground once the permit is awarded.

This Wendy’s permit application represents the organized effort of the City of Rio Grande City, Rio Grande City Economic Development Corporation, St. Ives Realty, Starr County,

and Starr County Industrial Foundation in light of providing more for the

communities in and around Rio Grande City.


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