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Mexican Senator and Rio Grande CIty Mayor Discuss Growth and Investment

City of Rio Grande City, Texas

A new acquaintance of leaders made way for a fruitful conversation regarding the growth and development of the border region around Rio Grande City. The opportunity to explore and align economic priorities as well as share the investment opportunities remained the leading topic for Friday’s meeting.

Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal welcomed Toño Martín del Campo, Senator of the Mexican state Aguascalientes, along with Carlos Marín, President of the International Chamber of Commerce into City Hall last week. Rio Grande City Economic Development Director, Dalinda Guillen and Rio Grande City Chamber of Commerce President, Ruben Islas were also in attendance.

Each representative presented selling points along areas for growth within each of their respective regions. After the meeting, the group joined Rogelio Olivares Jr, Assistant Port Director of Trade of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Field Operations at the Rio Grande City Port of Entry for a tour of the facilities.

Toño Martín del Campo via Twitter:

“Desde México, impulsaré iniciativas para reactivar la economía del Puente Internacional Río Grande. Agradezco el apoyo de Joel Villarreal, alcalde de esta ciudad, y de Carlos Marín, Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio.” (“From Mexico, I will promote initiatives to reactivate the economy of the Rio Grande International Bridge. I appreciate the support of Joel Villarreal, mayor of this city, and Carlos Marín, President of the Chamber of Commerce. ")

“We offer the shortest land route from Monterrey, Mexico into Texas by way of Ruta 54. Our interest in expanding commercial trade using our unique location and port of entry remains very high," adds Dalinda Guillen. "Our meeting with Senator Martín del Campo allows us to reach a target market that is beneficial for our recruitment efforts. We look forward to continued discussions with the Senator about how we can help each other grow our local economies with new investment and job creation.”

The newly acquired friendship will make way for monumental changes in the border community with the continuing working relationship between Mayor Joel Villarreal, Senator Toño Martín del Campo, and their regions.



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