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Rio Grande City Ranks Among Best Places for Income Growth

By: Lend EDU

Wherever the money goes, the people are not far behind.

This trend can be traced back all the way to when the United States was only known as the New World, and colonists from all over Europe rushed across the Atlantic Ocean on the promise of economic opportunity on the newly discovered continent.

Or, in the mid-1800’s when over 300,000 people from the U.S. and abroad traveled west to California to get a piece of the gold rush.

When oil was discovered in Texas in the early 20th century, the state became flush with people, businesses, and cash.

More recently, Silicon Valley saw explosive economic growth because of the boom and subsequent rise of the tech industry. Even more recently, the areas surrounding North Dakota have become economic boom towns following the discovery of oil.

LendEDU set out to find the towns and cities in the U.S. that have seen the most economic growth since 2000 and are projected to continue that growth.


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