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Joint trade meeting with Starr County ports of entry leads to new ideas

City of Rio Grande City

Mayor Joel Villarreal

Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal and City Public Relations Specialist Angelina Villarreal joined official representatives from the United States Customs and Border Protection for Rio Grande City and Roma Ports, the Secretaria de Hacienda Aduana México, the Starr Industrial Foundation along with other local officials in attending the first joint Trade Meeting held at the Starr Center in downtown Rio Grande City, Texas on July 7, 2021.

The first joint Trade Meeting addressed concerns with trade routes and developing border businesses. US and Mexican entities plan to bring growth to the neighboring communities by restructuring public relation efforts.

During the meeting that was led by Port Director Andres Guerra, Mayor Joel Villarreal offered Rio Grande City’s aid in any capacity necessary for the benefit of economic growth to the region. Mayor Villarreal reminds citizens that “international trade and commerce are critical to our region’s economic growth and prosperity.”

As the two ports continue to merge under the direction of a single director, positive changes to the Rio Grande City economy are expected.


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