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Redemption through education

South Texas College News

Picture of Arturo Montiel, PH.D. looking at camera
Arturo Montiel, PH.D

South Texas College Starr County Campus Administrator Arturo Montiel, Ph.D., looks back on his early experience struggling though school, becoming a high school dropout and creating his own path in higher education.

Montiel said he recently began reflecting on his own educational journey when he attended STC’s inaugural ceremony for General Educational Diploma (GED) program graduates over the summer.

“I relate to these students because I dropped out of school and never completed tenth grade. It seems like the only subjects I had success in were wood shop and driver’s education,” Montiel said. “I was expelled from my local Alternative Education Program, placed in a local juvenile detention center and compiled a long rap sheet from the Corpus Christi Police Department. I was in a bad place. Not many know my story.”


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