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Rio Grande City EDC Holds Lunch and Learn Workshop

The Rio Grande City EDC, in partnership with Aptus Health Care, held a Lunch and Learn workshop at the Commissioner’s Chambers in City Hall. In this session, guest speaker, Josue de la O, PTA, presented the topic: Body Mechanics in Everyday Living.

“October is Physical Therapy Month in which we take the opportunity to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and to promote physical therapy as a safe and effective way to treat chronic pain,” said Josue Del La O, PTA, Aptus Health Care.

The workshop included information on the importance of practicing good posture throughout the day in order to minimize injury at home and in the workplace. Mr. de la O spoke about how making slight adjustments to where the computer screen and telephone are located on your desk can greatly reduce back and muscle strain. In addition, stretching exercises can be beneficial when done at intervals throughout the day.

The Rio Grande City Lunch and Learn is a series of business education workshops for local small business owners in Rio Grande City. They take place over lunch and are an informal opportunity for small business owners to learn skills through a wide variety of business topics.

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