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Rio Grande City permit application submitted by incoming Chick-fil-A chain

City of Rio Grande City, Texas

Chick-fil-A applied for a building permit with Rio Grande Planning Department Friday morning, January 21st, to initiate the construction of the nation-wide fast-food restaurant chain. The proposed property is located in Rio Grande Village, on the corner of U.S. Highway Business 83 and FM 755. The official address will be 4505 E. U.S. Hwy 83, Rio Grande City TX.

Gilbert Millan, Rio Grande City Planning Director states that, “discussion had developed throughout the past three months. This permit application means that they are ready to pay for a building permit and start construction.” However, the permit usually takes a couple of weeks to finalize before construction can begin.

Rio Grande City Code Enforcement completes about a hundred health inspections for restaurants and other food preparation businesses a year, with now another on the way. This Chick-fil-A permit application represents the harmonious effort of Rio Grande City, Rio Grande City Economic Development Corporation, St. Ive’s Realty, Starr County, and Starr County Industrial Foundation working together for the prosperous expansion of the community.


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