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Texas Regional Bank breaks ground in Rio Grande City

Texas Regional Bank (TRB) board members, staff and community members from Rio Grande City and Starr County gathered on Thursday, June 15, 2023 to break ground of Texas Regional Bank’s new branch. Rio Grande City is TRB's 30th location in Texas and 14th in the Rio Grande Valley region.

Michael Scaief, Chairman and CEO of TRB, expressed his admiration for the historical architecture of Rio Grande City and how it has influenced TRB banking centers,

“Several years ago, I toured downtown and fell in love with the architecture,” said Mr. Scaief. “Today, every TRB branch built in the Rio Grande Valley was inspired by Rio Grande City brickwork.” The construction of the Rio Grande City banking center will utilize 115,000 artisan handmade bricks. “I look forward to serving the community that has had a substantial impact on Texas Regional Bank’s identity,” added Scaief.

Michael Scaief, Chairman and CEO of TRB giving remarks at a podium
Michael Scaief, Chairman and CEO of Texas Regional Bank

“Texas Regional Bank builds relationships through loyalty, trust, and hard work, which is synonymous with the values of Rio Grande City,” said Mayor Villarreal. “It’s an investment in the future of our community and welcome to Rio Grande City.”

Mayor Joel Villarreal giving remarks at a podium
Mayor Joel Villarreal, City of Rio Grande City

The Rio Grande City branch, located at 4389 E. US Highway 83, Rio Grande City, Texas, will be completed in early 2024.

Texas Regional Bank is a diversified financial services company offering financial services in banking, wealth, trust, international, and mortgage.

Texas Regional Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Texas State Bankshares, Inc. Ownership of the organization spreads across more that 1,000 shareholders, the majority of whom are from Texas. Texas Regional Bank is proud of its broad and influential shareholder base that has been key to its success since 2010.

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